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How To Verify Your Solar Company

Due to the growth of the solar industry, we are constantly asked for tips of what to watch out for when selecting a provider. Here's some suggestions for what to ask:

  1. Ask for their California Contractor's License number.

    Don’t be fooled by glitzy websites and marketing! You will find that many of the companies with the biggest web presence are not licensed contractors at all.

    In California any company that sells home improvements greater than $500 are required by law to have a California Contractor’s License.

    If the company does claim to be licensed, Go to California Contractors State License Board and type in the license number. Verify to see if their name, address, phone number, and type of license match what the company has told you.

    Here is a LINK to an alert the California Contractors’ License Board has issued warning of unlicensed companies offering solar.

  2. Find out how long your installer has been in business.

    Many companies will advertise years of experience, but their contractor's license will indicate that it was just issued last year. At Constant Solar, when we advertise that we are celebrating our 10th year, you can verify that our contractor's license was issued 10 years ago.

  3. Check the worker's compensation history.

    Some companies who claim to be licensed link up with an inactive contractor and use their license number. While reviewing the contractor's information on the CSLB website, click on the Worker's Compensation History at the bottom of the page. If the contractor shows EXEMPT it is because they have reported that they have no employees. Obviously an experienced solar installer will have employees AND worker's compensation insurance.

  4. Find out the type of contractor's license the installer has.

    More and more companies advertising on the internet are using a general contractors license and then subbing out the work they receive to other solar installers with electrical licenses. In other words, the company you think will be installing the solar modules on your roof may not be the one that actually is. This can be very unsettling as the original company may not provide direct oversight and quality control. Ask your provider whether they will be installing it and if not who will so that you can research their license and history as well. You will see that Constant Solar has a C10 electrical license because we are a full-service solar provider; you can be insured that it is our workers up on your roof.

  5. Review the company's rating on Better Business Bureau.

    Find out how your installer rates on the Better Business Bureau. You can also see if the company is a member of the Better Business Bureau (often indicated on their website and/or print materials with the BBB torch logo) and read reviews from clients as well as find out about any complaint history and how it was resolved. Constant Solar is proud of maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Click here for our listing with BBB.

  6. Ask for references.

    Most companies will have recommendation letters or a list of references for you to contact. We encourage you to ask for these references and attempt to contact at least one to hear about that client's experience. Obviously that client is serving as a reference because the project went well, but that client can still answer questions that perhaps your installer has not. In the case that your contractor is reporting several years of experience, ask for an older reference as well as a more recent reference.

  7. Go to a recent job site.

    Ask your installer to meet you at a recent job site that is nearly or entirely complete. That way, you can see their work up close and begin to envision how solar will look on your house.